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Aircraft Vinyl Decals | Full size

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Aircraft Vinyl Decals | Full size
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  • Model: Aircraft Vinyl Decals
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Aircraft Vinyl Decals

Pilot Aviation Stickers
 Full size, Not rc model scale.

airplane and helicopter.


vinyl decal font stylesfaa aircraft approved fonts

The adhesive is sensitive to temperature: If it is too cold, the adhesive will not be soft enough to properly bond with the surface and extra care will be needed when removing the spacing tape. Once the temperature increases, the adhesive will properly cling to the surface without adverse affects. Please try to apply your decals when the temperature is above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don't Install the decals in Direct Sunlight: Even on a cold day, direct sunlight will make the adhesive much more aggresive. It is best to apply the decals in a shaded area. If you are applying your decal using a wet method, make sure your solution does not evaporate before you are finished. If necessary rewet the surface and decal.

Large decals can be a lot for one person to handle: Having someone help you hold the decal can be a life saver. This will allow you to focus your attention on pressing the decal to the surface without bubbles. Also, if your decal has separations (Like spaces between letters), you may cut your decal apart for smaller, more manageable pieces. This should only be done after the decal is temporarily in place with masking tape to maintain proper spaces.

Don't stress over a few bubbles: Smaller bubbles will disappear through time due to barometric changes. If the bubbles don't go away by them selves, you can always pop them later with a pin to let the air escape. To accomplish this, simply puncture the bubble with a pin, then push the air towards the puncture with your fingers.

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