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Heat Press Teflon Pillows/Sheet

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Heat Press Teflon Pillows/Sheet
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  • Model: Heat Press Teflon Pillows/Sheet
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Heat Press Teflon Pillows/Sheet

Non-stick pressing pillows are top quality, 5 mil, Triple-Coated advanced flouropolymer (PTFE) fabric that outperforms other non-stick pillows. The only pillow made with high temperature memory foam to outlast other pillows.Placing a pillow under garments with heavy seams or buttons allow even platen pressure during the transfer process. Eliminate the indentation that can sometimes appear from the top platen on pressed materials and allow for easy pressing on small areas on large garments.Prevent marks on transfers and vinyl letters from zippers, buttons, rhinestones, and thick seams. Press transfers or vinyl onto jerseys without the transfer adhesive sticking to the back of the jersey through the mesh.Evenly press rhinestones designs over both flat and on even surfaces.No-static cling - easy garment loading and unloading.Supports better performance by enhancing even heat distribution. A must-have for customers using laser transfer paper. Keep your heat press producing more apparel faster!ESSENTIALWARE - For All Your Heat Press Accessory Products!PTFE Cover Sheets, PTFE Rolls, PTFE Pillows, and PTFE Platen Wraps for the Specialty Graphics IndustryCUSTOM MADE PRODUCTS FOR ALL APPLICATIONS!!


  • High Heat Resistance
  • High Resistance to Chemical Agents/Solvents
  • High Anti-adhesiveness
  • High Dielectric Properties
  • Low Friction Coefficient
  • Non-Toxicity

PTFE is generally considered a thermoplastic polymer.  At 550 degrees Fahrenheit it maintains a very high anti-adhesive properties, non-toxicity and low friction coefficient thus making PTFE an ideal solution for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.


  • Clean daily with a damp cloth (H2O only)
  • Never apply solvents or chemicals to clean your non-stick fabric
  • Periodically reverse the sheet – both sides are PTFE coated (exception: Salamander Skin dual surface silicone/PTFE liners)
  • Never scrape or use use hard-edged implement on your PTFE fabric
  • Never use abrasive cleaning materials
  • Discard when non-stick surface begins to show wear or sheet edges begin to discolor or corrode

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