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Heat Press | Rincons - Clamshell 15 x 15

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Heat Press | Rincons - Clamshell 15 x 15
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Rincins Clamshell Heat Press 15 x 15
  • Weight: 60.00lb
  • Shipping Size: 20.00in x 20.00in x 20.00in
  • MPN: 15" x 15" Square AP2-15
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Heat Press | Rincons - Clamshell 15 x 15

Voltage: 110 Volts Power: 1400W
Weight: 60 lbs
15"x15" Clamshell Specifications:

20 x 16 If you are doing child and adult
15 x 15 If you are going to do child size
Choose your size based upon your usage.
Allows you to apply heat for gentle fabrics to your most difficult of fabrics.
Heat press temperature is adjustable to 500F.
Sizes for most shirts.

1 year warranty
Fully molded Styrofoam packaging.
Timer: 1 S - 999S
Plugs into regular wall outlets.
Input Voltage: ~110V-~120V.
Automatic timer/alarm
Adjustable (+/- 1 deg C)
Max temperature equivalent to over 500°F.
C to F conversion chart is on the heat press
Press Temperature units is in Celsius.
All Digital temperature and timer display
Swivel/float bottom aluminum alloy base plate.
Easy and wide opening.
1/2" diameter pivot axals
Steel frame construction, extra thick structure components, linkages and bars.
Capable of high pressure loading.
Black Teflon coated heat surface.
AP-V20 is portrait orientation, 16" left to right x 20" deep.
AP2-20 is landscape orientation, 20" left to right x 16" deep.
Heat press temperature is adjustable to 500°F.
Easy to use.
Commonly used in the industry.

Clamshell Heat Press

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