Time has come to formally quit the full time job

You are already aware of the amount of time your new venture is taking, what with the full time job and family. You have managed to make a great start with money coming in from family and friends along with some local support, but what is going to happen now?
You started this for the family and a better future, more than what the boss can provide. So what next?
You have completed your business plan and now realize that something has to go, the family, the job, or this venture… Of course not the family, it’s for them that we want a better life, and certainly not this venture since this is the answer that the job hasn’t been able to fulfill.
So here we are, the time has come to formally quit the full time job and that old boss, so that you can final devote the extra time needed to finally grow to meet the dreams. This is your last chance and option… This is the WEEK that you have decided to write out your resignation, no more excuses or simply playing around you WILL hand in your notice first thing MONDAY MORNING. You hate Mondays, so are in a perfect state of mind to give the boss your letter and have a huge smile on your face in doing so.
You have been making some new contacts, but quickly see that the ‘prime time’ to work in during the regular working week, this is why the old boss wanted you for this time. Now it’s YOUR TIME! I myself when quitting the full time job, instead start a part time night shift job as taxi driver, freeing up the day time that I needed for my business. Now growth can be seen and measured, the benefits of seeing my family happy and far less arguments and more time out of the house together.
Market research was done and a website online and starting to bring in more extra money with marketing and advertising becoming a lot more easier, especially making contact with the local clubs and groups.

GO FOR IT – THIS MONDAY MORNING! #theprofessor #laughingprofessor #theprofessorforareason #thebritishguy