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03 Aug Background Checks and Due Diligence
Paul 0 535
With almost everyone buying and selling on the internet, it becomes even more important to know who you are dealing with and many people do this simply by reading reviews on a particular company or product etc. There are other means also available that are very easy and quick in identifying the information you need. Google is always going to be ..
11 Feb Coreldraw - 1) How to TRACE
12 Jan Dye-Sublimation is King
Paul 0 1097
So lets start with the obvious. Dye Sublimation is the only printing process that is capable of producing the highest quality and most durable print, with relative ease and in far less time. This fact means that Sublimation can find its place in all markets with all products, where all other options are far so time consuming, and can only be achiev..
17 Dec The Cost of Artwork.
Paul 0 708
The great question, “How do I charge for my artwork time”?This comes from the screen printers and charging their customers for the making of the screens and the time it takes, which also includes creating the artwork as well.Since Dye Sublimation doesn’t require the use of such screens there is, of course no cost involved. However there is just as ..
01 Dec CorelDraw - 2) How to remove background color
26 May There is more than one type of Dye Sublimation Inks
Paul 0 6661
There is more than one type of Dye Sublimation Inks.the Ricoh/Virtuoso printers use 'Subli Gel' inks, where as other printers use Dye Sub inks (water based). This is the reason Sawgrass printers do not require as much maintenance to prevent the inks drying up. This is also achieve with the larger print heads in the Ricoh/Virtuoso printer..
26 May Sticker or Decal
Paul 0 1348
This always is a topic of confusion, and always haws varying definitions. Mainly because printing processes have changed over the years and now there is a greater overlap, with each printing process achieving more.This image is, that i have found the simplest way to explain the differences...
17 Apr Which website builder?
Paul 0 318
Independent reviews list Shopify as the No1 choice among site builders for facilities available, however these are charged at an extra premium. In compassion with choosing a site builder, where you get full control either ‘drag or drop’ or total self build... The self build option offers all the facilities and at a cheaper cost... WHY? Because the..
12 Mar Logo – Artwork Creation.
Paul 0 13436
Artwork / Logo designers – creators are easy to find, however their fees differ greatly. So what should you expect from them? If we first look briefly at the already big stores, straight away you notice the simplicity and minimal colours used. Walmart, Lowes, Waffle House etc.The next thing to point out is none of these examples say in the name wha..
10 Mar Mil is not the same as mm (millimeter)
Paul 0 649
It can be extremely confusing trying to visualize the differences in materials, such as Adhesive Vinyl, Magnet Sheet and paper when choosing the quality we need. it might, at first seem irrelevant. but still leads to confusion when we asses the type of oracal vinyl, or even paper when they provide measurements in mils. Mil Thickness Of Plastic She..
01 Mar Saga Vinyl Cutter Parts / Accessories
Paul 0 535
We are your Authorised Dealer and Distributor,for Saga range of vinyl cutters. As with any piece of equipment that is purchased, it's always a consideration the availability of replacement parts and accessories. Regardless of the 'Name' even after a period of years, even months some parts are going to be needed such as blades and teflon cutting str..
31 Jan Shipping costs needn’t be a head Ache
Paul 0 894
Shipping costs are always a concern to everyone, and needs to be managed to prevent production costs rising to a point where an item is no-longer a cost effective product to retail.There are a number of solutions to this… Effective market research before you buy a product in – and a great solution to do this is done using mockups. You can generate ..
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