Artwork / Logo designers – creators are easy to find, however their fees differ greatly. So what should you expect from them?

If we first look briefly at the already big stores, straight away you notice the simplicity and minimal colours used. Walmart, Lowes, Waffle House etc.
The next thing to point out is none of these examples say in the name what it is they do, and have successfully built a brand name from that.

Second, as a printer only once in all my years has a business presented to me a portfolio of their logo artwork! This is very important and WILL reduce all your printing costs, and here is why. A portfolio will include your commissioned work in every way you’ll ever need for your future media requirement, whether you plan to get custom work wear printed, stationary for office use and advertisements with flyers, business cards or for use in the local newspaper, and your commercial signs and banners including decals / vinyl for vehicles.
Each of these use different printing processes, therefore require a different print setup/format which ultimately minimizes their time and cost to you to setup this job. Setup charges also vary with different types of printers ranging from $15 to $85 per job/order.

Third, now that we have moved on to the printer… these will usually charge per amount of colours required (and size of print you want).

However, quite often the local graphic designers tend to impress you with colours and detail. Now this maybe what you asked for, but did you take into account the points already mentioned?

From our perspective, the printer. We too need to consider the same… except that some of the subsequent printing we will be able to carry out ourselves, at our own costs. Although still need a portfolio made either by the designer, or created ourselves for future needs.

Portfolio:- What does it contain?
The first couple of pages (yes pages, because you will, should also receive a hard copy) will be your artwork completed design offered in a couple of common sizes and include registration marks. Next will be colour separation, again with registration marks. Then further page(s) containing Black and white variants (single colour options). These are needed at time. Then either the cover page, or last page will be colour specs such as panatone and cymk colour codes. This is used by printers when colour matching is critical and a ‘must have’ requirement for you. During modern times you should and will also receive electronic files in two main formats EPS and AI, but you may also get PDF and JPG
A portfolio, is one reason and one item you would be expected to pay a higher price for a designer of your Logo or artwork.

Lastly, it never happens but would be nice if you are also informed and given information about legal requirements concerning copyright. Protecting your new brand, product is very important to you. How do you protect this new commissioned work?

Copyright Registration / Cease and Desist. protecting your artwork / Liability Release Form /

Choosing a Business name:- In brief. The owners name is common, even with the big stores mentioned earlier, and rarely describe the operation of the business, but is chosen as something that you can, and are able to build your brand upon. then as a 'sub' heading - Your tag line is the description, short phrase about what your business is about, or how you promote your business/brand.