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As with any piece of equipment that is purchased, it's always a consideration the availability of replacement parts and accessories. Regardless of the 'Name' even after a period of years, even months some parts are going to be needed such as blades and teflon cutting strip, these will wear over time/use.
Not replacing these will affect the result and can be seen in the finished cut vinyl, and lead many to a pain aching time trying to find the compatible parts.
While the cutting strip, adhesive ruler or cutting mat are universal, will fit any vinyl cutter, the blades and blade holder are specific to each brand of cutter even though some of these can be interchanged by coincidence.
Choosing SAGA for your Vinyl Cutter provides these and any other replacement parts that may become necessary. While being manufactured overseas we have a very strong stock and more importantly a support team that understand your specific needs and concerns that come with the various aspects of your vinyl cutting business. One very cool advantage is SAGA have distributors and support team available in your time zone, even on Facebook to make us more accessible with a friendly face and your business success being paramount on our mind.

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Personally, I'm very excited that with Saga we can cut directly from CorelDraw since this is used anyway, and alot with a variety of other 'printing' processes.
When choosing Dragoncut, vinyl cutting software, it comes with a huge vector clipart database included as well as all the features you would expect and need. But also because customer service, and your eagerness to get started is very important we provide you the instant download while you wait three, four days for your disc to arrive in the mail to you.

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About Saga.
Saga CNC started in 2005 with the initial development of a servo control system leading to the company being founded in 2009. Saga CNC is engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of computer numerical controlled equipment such as vinyl cutters, stencil cutters, engravers and routers and other future products. Saga corporate has several locations in China including a production facility in Hefei, a research and development center in Nanjing and product development in Shanghai. Saga initially started with 24” and 48” stepper and servo motor driven vinyl cutters. From this foundation, they expanded into mini-cutters, garment cutters (or sometimes referred to as stencil cutters), and engravers. Saga products have found acceptance worldwide and are sold through distribution partners throughout various global territories including the US, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Australia, UK, India, Italy and several others.
This site is the US home of Saga CNC serving the US and Canada and was founded in 2014 to allow the North American distributor base a central location to distribute Saga products. Saga distinguishes itself from its competitors by partnering with its customer base and providing best in class support, warranty and training for its products. Positive customer experiences are at the core of Saga’s success and are paramount to Saga’s future. For more information on Saga products, please visit our corporate web site at www.SagaCNC.com.