Ideas and dreams are great! This is the first step to a great future; the next would be to write everything down to form a business plan. Many start their venture as a hobby, working from home and selling their craft/service to local family and friends, perhaps even selling through their media accounts such as facebook. By starting this way, you will gain an insight in business to take it further with success.

No business started without having done their market research and created a business plan, therefore any venture that hasn’t completed this step is still just a ‘hobby’ with a dream. Searching the internet will provide many example templates for free download, you more detailed the better.
So having the idea of creating personalized gifts, would be the place to start, then in writing a business plan and thinking each aspect and answer through and thoroughly will provide a concise explanation of how this will be achieved with the results you would expect.
1) Types of Printing processes - WHY SUBLIMATION?Which process will you choose to make these gifts? Sublimation, dtg, oki, screen/pad/foil printing… what’s involved and advantages of each?
2) Does your choice of heat press matter?What equipment/machinery (for your process) will you start with? With each process, there are different levels and sizes of equipment needed. This is also determined by the products of your choice to offer your customers.
Now you have decided on a range of gifts, and how to make them…
3) What type property do you need to be able to work from – rental/lease on a retail store? And ideal location… your market research will answer this. Choose the questions carefully, that you will ask your prospective customers in the area of the location you are considering.
4) Marketing and Advertising. Saying ‘internet’ is NOT sufficient! If social media accounts as facebook, then who will you promote to, Who will design and distribute your media (flyers, banners, promotional items) If marketing from your website, who will design and build? Will you subscribe to online marketing, or use an affiliate program, adwords?
5) Finance. How will all this be paid for? Savings, do you have enough? Credit? Whats the interest rate, over what time scale? Part time (evening job)? How long will it take to raise the funds needed?
What payment options will you accept, and how? Do you need a business bank account, credit card processing? Will this link to your online payments received?
6) Shipping. Will you, and how? Which courier? What are the sizes and weight limits?
7) Business timescales. How long will it take to upgrade to the next part of your plan? Sales forecast (based on your market research) calculating for growth and expansion.
8) Retail pricing of Subli Printed Items.markup and profits. Will your retail prices allow you to grow and expand? If not How will you fund your growth? What wages would you like for yourself and staff (as they are hired)
9) Insurances etc. You have so much money and planning going into this, how will it be protected? Liability, contents… what if your cell/mobile phone gets damaged, how will you fund a replacement? Same with repairs and regular maintenance to equipment/machinery.
This has only covered the main areas to consider, and are all needed in detail before you waste so much money and time going in the wrong direction, with the wrong plan.