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12 Mar Logo – Artwork Creation.
Paul 0 10648
Artwork / Logo designers – creators are easy to find, however their fees differ greatly. So what should you expect from them? If we first look briefly at the already big stores, straight away you notice the simplicity and minimal colours used. Walmart, Lowes, Waffle House etc.The next thing to point out is none of these examples say in the name wha..
31 Jan Why Sublimation
Paul 0 2443
Custom printing has been around for a very, very long time! But there was once a time when it was only used by big corporations to promote a particular product or business, and 'screen printing' was the process of choice. However NOW you have the choice... 'dtg', 'oki-laser', 'pad printing', 'screen printing', 'htv', 'inkjet transfers', or DYE SUBL..
31 Jan Retail Pricing of Subli (Sublimation) Printed Items.
Paul 0 7996
A topic that always leads people in every number of directions. The first thing that needs to be said, is that whatever your markup, you must include the cost that enables your business venture to grow, and expand - otherwise you'll just be covering your cost of living today. The most talked about subject is the cost of 'inks' and the shipping cost..
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