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31 Jan Shipping costs needn’t be a head Ache
Paul 0 727
Shipping costs are always a concern to everyone, and needs to be managed to prevent production costs rising to a point where an item is no-longer a cost effective product to retail.There are a number of solutions to this… Effective market research before you buy a product in – and a great solution to do this is done using mockups. You can generate ..
31 Jan Why Sublimation
Paul 0 2442
Custom printing has been around for a very, very long time! But there was once a time when it was only used by big corporations to promote a particular product or business, and 'screen printing' was the process of choice. However NOW you have the choice... 'dtg', 'oki-laser', 'pad printing', 'screen printing', 'htv', 'inkjet transfers', or DYE SUBL..
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