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31 Jan Shipping costs needn’t be a head Ache
Paul 0 879
Shipping costs are always a concern to everyone, and needs to be managed to prevent production costs rising to a point where an item is no-longer a cost effective product to retail.There are a number of solutions to this… Effective market research before you buy a product in – and a great solution to do this is done using mockups. You can generate ..
28 Dec Buying / Importing your own sublimation items
Paul 0 12041
Buying / Importing your own sublimation items It’s all about trying to save money, but what do you really benefit? Lets first look at the Sublimation Mugs. These can be purchased locally from many distributors for around $1 each ($36 for box of 36 mug), then you have to pay per box To make one printed mug would be about $2.50 each, but i..
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