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12 Jan Dye-Sublimation is King
Paul 0 859
So lets start with the obvious. Dye Sublimation is the only printing process that is capable of producing the highest quality and most durable print, with relative ease and in far less time. This fact means that Sublimation can find its place in all markets with all products, where all other options are far so time consuming, and can only be achiev..
31 Jan Marketing and Advertising Sublimation
Paul 0 447
“I can feel a headache coming on already!” EVERY business venture has to promote itself – continually, It’s a must. But how, where, how much will it cost, what’s the expected return? We can’t do anything successfully without first having created a business plan and carried out our market research, and in this instance will tell us what products/mar..
31 Jan Starting your new venture
Paul 0 305
Ideas and dreams are great! This is the first step to a great future; the next would be to write everything down to form a business plan. Many start their venture as a hobby, working from home and selling their craft/service to local family and friends, perhaps even selling through their media accounts such as facebook. By starting this way, you wi..
28 Dec Buying / Importing your own sublimation items
Paul 0 11474
Buying / Importing your own sublimation items It’s all about trying to save money, but what do you really benefit? Lets first look at the Sublimation Mugs. These can be purchased locally from many distributors for around $1 each ($36 for box of 36 mug), then you have to pay per box To make one printed mug would be about $2.50 each, but i..
01 Jun Setting up sublimation color -  It's All about Color
Paul 0 498
Setting up sublimation color -  It's All about Color Power Driver or ICC Colour Profile. Whether you are using an Epson, or Ricoh / Virtuoso, you can use either if these. It is only a matter of which you are supplied with when purchasing you sublimation inks. The brand if inks are matched to a particular model printer to create a colour ..
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