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Doming Starter Kit

Back Order 2-4 weeks
No Minimums required. Available Blank (for you to Print), or Printed with your artwork ready to sell.
Doming Starter Kit
  • Stock: Back Order 2-4 weeks
  • Model: Dome Kit
  • Weight: 1.16lb
  • Shipping Size: 8.00in x 8.00in x 8.00in
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doming starter kit

epoxy resin doming kit

Ideal for 'clear 3d doming'

Epoxy resin doming kit

Product #: Doming Kit
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Doming Starter Kit, epoxy resign doming kit
Doming is a process of applying a clear resin coating to any vinyl graphic or coated label. It gives the graphic an eye-popping, 3-D effect, enhancing any sign or logo and attracting more attention to your product. It improves and protects any graphic image you apply it to. Our Doming cartridges are 75g - 50% larger than many of our competitors.
Each cartridge covers approximately 80 sq. inches.

The resin is U.V. stable, outdoor durable, non-yellowing, and semi-flexible.
2 - 75g ProDome Resin Cartridges
4 - 75g ProDome Mixers
1 - ProDome Applicator Gun
1 - Bubble Remover Torch (lighter fuel not included)


Accessories and spare also available separately: mixer tubes pack of 10 $21.99 and 1 Cartridge + 2 mixer tuber $29.00

Step One
Prepare application gun. Be sure the plunger is fully retracted (As shown).
Open clip in front of gun.

Step Two
Remove one cartridge from package. Slide the cartridge through the front
clip. Close the clip by pulling the cartridge up until it clicks.

Step Three
Unpack one acudome mixer. Remove the cartridge cap by twisting 90
degrees anti-clockwise and pull to separate. Also, the rubber seal may
stick to cartridge under the cap, remove seal, pull off slowly. Attach
mixer to cartridge by twisting the mixer into the grooves on the cartridge
90 degrees clockwise.

Step Four
Hold gun at a 45 degree angle to allow bubbles to rise to the top of
cartridge. Hold purge cup at the end of the mixer keeping cartridge
pointing upward while pulling trigger to purge about 3ml-5ml of the
resin to make sure it’s mixed well. Make sure there are no bubbles.
Apply resin to vinyl at a slow comfortable rate. Applying Acudome Fast
will cause it to not mix correctly!

Step Five
After 2-3 minutes the resin should flow to the outside edge of your graphic,
if not add a couple more drops of resin. If resin still has not flowed to
corners you can use your repair tool to push resin slowly to the edge.

Step Six
After leaving the decal for 5 minutes, if there are any bubbles a quick
flash with the bubble remover should remove them. Do not leave flame
on. Just a quick flash. If bubbles do not come out place repair tool into
resin and move around to bring bubble to top surface. Then do another
quick flash with the bubble remover. If resin has run off decal. Let resin
set for 5-6 minutes. Then with repair tool scrape alongside of decal
scraping resin away from decal. The resin will reseal itself. It takes 12
hours to touch, 48 hours to ship putting wax paper between them and
if you are applying decals to car, truck or boat let it cure for at least
6 days before applying.

Removing bubbles
Remember removing bubbles only requires one click from your bubble
remover.... Hint: If you have some left over resin after your project is
complete. Dome some samples to provide to customers who are
interested in your domed decals !!! Also, remember to have fun..

We are able to create that very special and unique gift with any design, corporate logo or photo. Upload your unique idea/design and have your very own special, one of a kind made just for you.

Work accepted by The Laughing Professor is on the specific understanding that under Title 17 US Copyright Code the client undertakes that he/she has obtained the copyright release or license for material submitted and will indemnify The Laughing Professor against any breach of the law. An order accepted by The Laughing Professor is on the understanding that the client assumes liability for any resulting violation of copyright in any action brought by a third party.
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