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Heat Press Accessories.

teflon pillow/cushions/sheet

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Model: Heat Press Essentials Logo It
Heat Press Essentials Logo It Logo-It Can be used for larger graphics as well if you do not own a Tee Square It! Place logo where you wish. Each logo goes in the same spot on each shirt. Works with all sizes of shirts. Easily fin..
Model: Heat Press Pillows
Use these Teflon coated Heat Press Pillows to equalize the pressure around seams, zippers, and buttons. Make sure your heat transfer gets consistent pressure for better long-lasting adhesion. These are approximately one inch tall and feature a time-tested bounce back filling that can be used over..
Model: Heat Press REPAIRS
Heat Press Heat press REPAIRSmost presses*. Product #: REPAIRS Retail price: $159.00 Our Price ..
Brand: Specialty Materials Model: Heat Press Teflon Pillows/Sheet
Heat Press Teflon Pillows/SheetNon-stick pressing pillows are top quality, 5 mil, Triple-Coated advanced flouropolymer (PTFE) fabric that outperforms other non-stick pillows. The only pillow made with high temperature memory foam to outlast other pillows. Placing a pillow under garments ..
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