Faq Manager

Sublimation Heat Shrink

Yes, there are various brands of heat shrink available that can be used with sublimation. but check the temperature range and shrink ratio, but also the thickness of the heat shrink film.

With the right heat shrink bag / film sheet you replace your wrap and use heat shrink instead. Allowing even uneven, or curved surfaces to be sublimated.

Your sublimation print is taped to your substrate as you normally would, then cover the item with heat shrink (either bag, or film sheet) using a heat gun, apply heat to shrink the bag/film sheet. Now you are ready to sublimate your design by using an oven instead of a heat press.

Yes. Our Heat shrink is available as a single, individual item (not packs or boxes) but does have price breaks on orders of quantity. HERE

Returns / Shipping

When ordering before 12, we can have sent out same day.

Yes you can. Once received back to us we can then arrange your refund.