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Royalties paid for Your Artwork

Submit your painting / drawing - and earn 8% royalty payments against your items that sell. Have your work produced into any item of your choice and all that are sold, make money for you. Even your childs work can be submitted. Send us a message.

Work accepted by The Laughing Professor is on the specific understanding that under Title 17 US Copyright Code the client undertakes that he/she has obtained the copyright release or license for material submitted and will indemnify The Laughing Professor against any breach of the law. An order accepted by The Laughing Professor is on the understanding that the client assumes liability for any resulting violation of copyright in any action brought by a third party.
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Mix-n-Match any Designs with any of our Items
Model: Mug - Country Road, 11oz ceramic coffee mug
Mug - Country Road, 11oz ceramic coffee mug"not lost on the country road"safe for use in microwaves and dishwashers.Made to order and shipped next working day...
Model: Original design Mug by Destiny
Original Mug Dye Printed Ceramic Mug Ceramic 11oz Mug dye printed with Destinys' own drawing.Royalties paid to Destiny McKayla Shae Moore, of WV, includes your own text/verse on the other side.Mug safe for use in microwaves and dishwashers. ..
Model: Ornamental Slate by Amanda Childers
Ornamental Slate Dye Printed  8 inch Slate (with feet) Original painter: Amanda Childers. Painted by the artist Sept 2017 in Hinton, WV as competition winner for the wall art painting display in the city.A fantastic opportunity to purchase your c..
Model: Ornamental Slate by Destiny McKayla Shae Moore
Ornamental Slate Dye Printed 8 inch Slate (with feet) 8 inch slate (with 'feet') dye printed with Destinys' own painting.Royalties paid to Destiny McKayla Shae Moore, of WV. We are able to create that very special and unique gift with any..
Model: Semi-Colon. Stop, start over
Semi-Colon. Stop, start overShirt / Mug - any combination with any of these two designs.Mental health is the foundation for thinking, communication, learning, resilience and self-esteem. Mental health is also key to relationships, personal and emotional well-being and contributing to community o..
T-Shirt - BIG BEND TUNNEL Talcott WVdesigned by Brian Allen and receiving royalties from sales.White T-shirt with dye print on the front.This is a permanent print which can not crack, peel, or fade...
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