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Vinyl Cutter - Saga contour stepper ARMS 720

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Vinyl Cutter - Saga contour stepper ARMS 720
Saga Contour ARMS Vinyl Cutter 720

ARMS contour, Vinyl Cutter 24 Inch

Saga Contour ARMS Vinyl Cutter 720 This is the ARMS model of the Saga contour vinyl cutter series in 24" upright version. The Saga vinyl cutter series is driven by stepper motors. This model includes an ARMS system for automatically registering the vinyl to the cutter.

The Saga 720 ARMS contour vinyl cutter includes a fully automatic registration system for reading registration marks on the vinyl. It is an upright cutter driven by stepper motors. With a maximum clearance of 28.3", this cutter is perfect for running 24" vinyl which is the most commonly available size in the marketplace for sign vinyl. Perfect for running sign vinyl, heat transfer material and a variety of other release liner backed materials. For SAGA ARMS systems we highly recommend DragonCut.

We are able to create that very special and unique gift with any design, corporate logo or photo.
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Motor: Stepper
Maximum Cutting Width (mm): 630
Maximum Media Width (mm): 720
Measurements (cm): 97 x 43 x 34
Gross Weight (kg): 27.5
Net Weight (kg): 25
Feed System: Direct Pull
Construction: Aluminum Alloy, ABS End Caps
Maximum Drawing Speed (mm/s): 800
Maximum Cutting Speed (mm/s): 800
Control System: Stepper Motor
Power (w): 40
Tracking: Long Length, Micro Spike Grit Rollers
Maximum Force (g): 510
Maximum Force Increment (g/step): 2
Mechanical Resolution (mm/pulse): .0254
Connections: RS-232, USB
Power Supply: AC 110V-240V / 50-60HZ 6A
Maximum Noise (dB (A)): 65
Ambient Temperature Range °C: 5 - 35
Command Language: HPGL
Media: Release liner backed materials
Pen Included: Yes
Included Blades: 30°, 45°, 60°
Packaging: Machine in carton box, stand in carton box, two carton boxes are individual
Computer Connection: True USB, no driver needed, direct connection to USB Printer
Carriage Type: Cutting head with 4 wheels
Contour Cutting: Laser sensor, automatic ARMS
Straight Line Speed (mm/s): 12 - 800
Curve Speed (mm/s): 12 - 300
Motor Speed (RPM): 0 - 3500
0-3000 RPM Time Idle Load (miliseconds): 20
0-3000 RPM Time Working Load (miliseconds): 1200
Encoder Signal Physical (line / round): 1016
Encoder Signal Logical (line / round): 4060
Processor (bits): 16
Processor Flash (M): 0
Accuracy (±mm): .01
Repeating Precision (mm): .082
Stand Availability: Upright, Desktop INCLUDED
Basket Availability: Yes INCLUDED
Standard Warranty: 5 Year Parts And Labor
Perf Cut Capable: No
CE Certification: Yes
Color: Black / Black
Compatibility PC: XP, Vista, 7-32, 7-64, 8-32, 8-64
Compatibility MAC: Yes
Software - SignCut: PC, Mac
Software - DragonCut: PC, Mac with BootCamp (BASIC INCLUDED)
Software - Flexi: PC
Software - ArtCut: PC
Software - VinylMaster: PC, Mac with BootCamp
Software - WinPC Sign: PC
Software - Onyx: No
Software - Plug In Driver: Direct Plug In Driver, PC only
Software - Stencil Cutting: No

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  • Model: Saga Contour ARMS Vinyl Cutter 720
  • Weight: 28.00kg
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