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Ornamental Slate by Amanda Childers

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Ornamental Slate by Amanda Childers
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  • Model: Ornamental Slate by Amanda Childers
  • Shipping Size: 8.00in x 6.00in x 2.00in
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Ornamental Slate

Dye Printed  8 inch Slate (with feet)

Dye Printed Slate Originally painted by Amanda Childers
Original painter: Amanda Childers. Painted by the artist Sept 2017 in Hinton, WV as competition winner for the wall art painting display in the city.
A fantastic opportunity to purchase your copy of this painting that you saw during your visit whilst at the Water festival, or Train Day.

We are able to create that very special and unique gift with any design, corporate logo or photo.
Upload your unique idea/design and have your very own special, one of a kind made just for you.

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