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Model: P2046 Watch - Silicone wrist watch
Watch - Silicone wrist watch, unisex + dye printed metal faceComplete wrist watch with battery, and quartz.Metal 'face' ready for sublimation full color heat press printing.Upload your unique idea/design and have your very own special, one of a kind unisex wrist watch.The Laughing Professor has been..
Model: Watch - Tools and Accessories
Wrist Watch sublimation blank wrist Watch - spare parts spare parts, for each of our range of blank dye printed sublimation wrist watches. Tools, accessories and watch spare parts:- blank metal faces, Packs of Batteries,..
3D Heat Shrink sublimation FILM sheets 3D Heat Shrink sublimation FILM sheets
Out Of Stock
Model: P2047 3D Heat Shrink FILM
Heat Shrink Heat Shrink sublimation FILM sheetsIdeal for Convection Ovens Product #: P2047 Retail price: $0.45 Our Price ..
Model: Cleaning Solution
Cleaning Solution Cleaning Solution Water Based Ink 1 Liter Bottle (Dye Sub or Pigmented)Ideal for 'sublimation Printers' Pr..
Model: Clothing / Apparel Heat Seal Labels
Flock Labels Clothing / Apparel Heat Seal, Iron On Labels 2 x 0.75 inch  muliples of quantity 50Iron-On Personalized flock Labels (other sizes also available)Flock Permanent printed Labels for fabrics (cotton or polyester etc)* Iron Your childs n..
Model: Custom Cut double sided FRP
Custom Cut double sided FRP unisub sublimation blanks Keychain, Fridge magnets - any shape. upload your artwork for us to custom cut your sublimation blanks.Separate invoice shall be sent based on your requirements, - quantity and size..
Model: Door key TEMPLATE / MOCKUP File
Vector Artwork File Download Door key TEMPLATE / MOCKUP FileIdeal for 'sublimation Printers' Product #: door_key_file ..
Model: Epoxy cartridge Mixers
Doming Supplies doming epoxy Mixer Tubespacks of 10 Product #: mixer_tubes Retail price: $29.99 Our Price ..
Epoxy cartridge Resin Refills
Model: Epoxy Resin Refills
Doming Supplies Epoxy Resin Cartridge75g Cartridge Product #: P2053 Retail price: $29.99 Our Price ..
Model: Heat Press REPAIRS
Heat Press Heat press REPAIRSmost presses*. * Repairs - wiring, mechanical & parts Join our Facebook Group and stay upto date with NEW pro..
Model: Know Your Sublimation Materials
Know Your Sublimation Materials.Sublimation is NOT just for Polyester, Nor is it just for White coloured items.Log in and download our pdf file...
Model: Metal round circle disc 1 Inch
Laughing Professor METAL ROUND CIRCLE DISC 1 INCH SUBLIMATION BLANK Sublimation Blank Aluminum Trophy Disk White 1" Round Aluminum Trophy White Disk Size: 1" round (2.5cm)Product #: round_1in-metal Rating: 4.9 stars, based on 47 reviews ..
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