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ThermoFlex Xtra Heat Transfer Material 15 Inch (NYLON)

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ThermoFlex Xtra Heat Transfer Material 15 Inch (NYLON)
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  • Model: ThermoFlex Xtra Heat Transfer Material 15 Inch
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Specialty Materials ThermoFlex Xtra

Thermoflex Xtra 15inch x 15ft

Heat Transfer Material (5 yds)
Nylon, leather jackets, athletic meshes and other heat sensitive fabrics can be decorated with ThermoFlex Xtra.
Stock won't go to waste because it can also can be applied to cotton, cotton blend and polyester fabrics.
It can also be used for multi-color layering.
You cut a mirror image, apply to the garment with a heat press and peel cold.
It has also been proven successful on siliconized materials with sufficient surface texture for the adhesive to grip.

ThermoFlex® Xtra is specially designed for decorating nylon, leather, rayon, and other heat-sensitive surfaces.
ThermoFlex® Xtra has incorporated the most desirable features of ThermoFlex® Plus: easy handling, cutting and weeding but with a thicker polyester carrier sheet and a low-tack carrier adhesive, enabling easy weeding without lifting the cut image from the carrier.
ThermoFlex® Xtra will also adhere to some silicon-coated materials with sufficient surface texture to permit the adhesive to grip when transferred according to directions.
Columbia Blue, Antique Silver and Old Gold will not layer.
These colors cannot have layers adhered on top of them, although we have successfully layered these products on top of other colors.
Use settings for Thermoflex PLUS for application to polyesters.
Please be advised that dye migration has occurred with low energy dyes in polyester and poly-blend fabrics.

Product #: Thermoflex exta 15inx15ft
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InstructionsApplication Instructions: Transfer requires 300°F to 315°F transfer temperatures for 4 to 6 seconds with firm pressure. Let cool, remove the polyester liner sheet, cover the image with a Teflon or silicon cover sheet and reheat for 10 seconds to complete cure. A release paper or Teflon sheet should always be placed between the heat platen and the plastic carrier sheet to prevent sticking and edge damage to the transferred design.

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