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Website - Premium Pro Store (Package II)

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Website - Premium Pro Store (Package II)
Website Build

E-Commerce Premium Pro platform

custom online store

e-commerce website build, premium pro platform

Product #: P1996-Pro
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Available from: The Laughing Professor
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Domain (name):- Your own portion of the internet. with a unique name that you will give it. ( This name will cost, and varies although is cheap. Even once you own this space you can change it's location as you may need without changing any of the visible characteristics. This domain must also be registered, like a proof of ownership/license, this is renewed each year.
Website:- What you put in this space, for the whole world to see - and interact with. There are very many options to do this, more know options include wix, godaddy, shopify etc and use whats drag and drop operation for you to create a presence that meets your needs. You can also build it manually (with programs such as Dreamweaver) which gives more flexibility but may cost alot more in time and effort/knowledge. The other option is to use a platform, we use opencart. The benefit is you still get the 100% control and flexibility but most the work is done for you.
*Site builders Comparison.
Server:- Where this space lives. this also cost money each month/year, just like rent and again varies with each package/server with options that they may include. (we use
SSL:- Server site security certificate - especially required if the customer will be expected to enter their details. There are different levels of security and each cost money and renewed each year. (changes your address from http:// to https:// and also provides a green/safe icon to visitors of your site)


one off payment which includes all fees (domain and hosting) paid for the first year.
each subsequent fees/renewal will be approx $30-40 per year

We will setup a new hosting package and purchase or transfer a domain name to
Install and configure Opencart to create an eCommerce store with shopping cart.
This include admin/editing that only you can access providing customer invoicing and stock control. Displaying as many products as you choose, with varying options and choices.
Your store will be able to accept Checks and Paypal - paying you directly.
Create your very own email that matches your domain. as many as you need.
We will also provide as much support and help as you need - FREE Inserting meta tags and seo, used by search engines to promote your website.
we also start you off be creating from your products a couple on your new website so you can see and copy the details for your other items.
Included... Domain Name, Registry and Hosting, Email(s), Product Store, Payments linked to your paypal, flat rate Shipping setup, tax rate setup, meta tags, basic seo,

Active Example (Pro Premium Platform):- Premium Pro Platform + Online Designer

Key Features.
* Newsletter
* Blog Management
* Breadcrumb Background image
* Revolution Slider
* Carousel Item
* Cookie
* Production Questions
* Camera Slider
* Advanced Grid
* Social Media Widget
* Header Notice
* Popup
* Category Wall
* Filter product
*Social Media Login
* Advanced Felix Filter
* Advanced SEO package
* One page Checkout

Mix-n-Match any Designs with any of our Items * Businesses Site & Login :- The Laughing Professor

Work accepted by The Laughing Professor is on the specific understanding that under Title 17 US Copyright Code the client undertakes that he/she has obtained the copyright release or license for material submitted and will indemnify The Laughing Professor against any breach of the law. An order accepted by The Laughing Professor is on the understanding that the client assumes liability for any resulting violation of copyright in any action brought by a third party.

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|Tel: +1 470-233-0626 |Email:
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