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The Professor for a Reason. Retired

Helping friends and colleagues is what I do.

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I'd like to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to all that have used my services and benefitted from them, over these past years. Helping friends and colleagues is what I do.

I am now 55 and in a position and able to retire with my wife, I will still be available for any of the services listed below, I do intend to keep all my equipment and keep offering the help that we always have.

We had created a great business with many firsts, which we are very proud of and will keep this information available on our social pages. The Laughing Professor, is home of The Professor for a reason.

#1 Photo Printed Gifts, Vinyl Banners, Signs, Graphics and Decals. Vector Graphics, Image editing. Showcasing my custom digital graphics, designs over the years. 28 years professional printer. Creating custom designs for our print on demand stores POD: Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, Teepublic and teeSpring. We will keep creating new and unique custom designs and taking requests for more. Also continuing doing custom vector and graphics artwork editing and creation. creating png, eps, svg, ai files as requested. We do have an artwork copyright release form here if required to edit your protected work as instructed.

The Laughing Professor 27 years of Unique Photo Printed Gifts, Signs and Banners. Personalized Printed Wrist Watches

#2 Domain name, and Hosting Provider PrintingREADY Custom Website Developer of responsive E-commerce stores and website editing, including on-page SEO services, especially e-commerce stores. We have built up a portfolio that will be increased upon. Helping clients increase and improved their online visibility along with their seo ratings and effectiveness. This is done with on page seo formatting web pages more effectively. 

TheProfessor Domain name, and Hosting Provider Custom Website Developer of responsive E-commerce stores

#3 Sandblasting, Etching - including yard equipment and tools, or engine parts. #4 CNC Cutting, Carving - including house numbers. #5 Laser Engraving
#6 Drone (ariel) Photography - realtor listings, property photos. These are additional pieces of equipment that I purchased for The Laughing Professor unique, custom items that increased our capable product range. Handy bit of kit, that we will keep and continue to use for any task needed.

Retired Royal Air Force Electronics Specialist.
#7 Arc (stick) Welding - Vehicle Trailer modifications and repairs #8 Electrical maintenance and repairs, domestic and commercial including heat press repairs. Trained as an electronics specialist and electrical engineering is always great to keep involved with diy tasks.

Royal Air Force Trained me to be who I am today.

The Professor, is who I am