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sorry, Unfortunately not. There different grades of heat shrink and we need a certain thickness that also withstands 400F
Teflon is a natural 'barrier' used predominately as a sealant. The teflon sheets supplied with many heat presses and for and suited for the purpose of heat pressing HTV, this has leas to the confusion of it's use with Sublimation. Teflon 'blocks' the movement of gases which affect the colour prints.
Yes, but not directly. You will need to use another substrate such as Subli-flock.
If someone should say "but that isn't sublimation", then tell them to go educate themselves. LOL usually said in response to applying print to cotton etc. Sublimation mean to heat at such a high temp that a solid become directly a gas. This has nothing to do with the fabric. However the dyes do not adhere to cotton and so another 'material' is used, but still goes through the state of sublimation. I'm not a big fan of applying sublimation print to cotton, but I am against poor facts being used. Sublimation refers only to the reaction of the dyes, but yes once the dyes are a gas they can only 'bond' with polymers. the term 'sublimation' is not in reference to any single fabric, but our dye-sublimation inks are.

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