Before anyone gets upset, yes I'm blunt. Just a general observation looking at the amount and type of work and questions noted in various groups.

Do you call yourself a Printer?

Someone who is able and capable of printing graphics, artwork onto....

So do forgers and deceivers, thieves of artwork. There comes with being a Printer a set of morals and ethics, not to steal and plagiarism. Also one may also expect from a printer person to be able to edit graphics, to make suitable for the media of choice.

A vector image is not suitable for all purposes, nor is a jpg, png. Are to able to identify the necessary differences and the changes needed?

Although it happens far too often now-a-days for a person to start a business venture without knowing the topic, which does seem foolish especially without even having any working experience of the trade.

Yes I've heard the critics response, "Everyone has to start somewhere". Yes they do, of course, but not usually by starting a business of their own. This comes from the impression given to them that this is 'easy money', with easy practices. A craft, hobby like interest which leads to poor pricing calculations, and lack of knowledge with creating or editing personalized designs. With cheaper alternatives accessible to all, no need or importance of learning the practice or what it means.

I have a reputation of telling the truth, which no one has yet been able to prove otherwise and even in my tutor, teaching days my students, clients are always taught correct information allowing them to succeed having received all the details relevant to the subject. I would agree that I may be viewed as 'old fashioned', but if it works...

On a slightly different tangent. I see often advertisements offering a service, but when on checking find that they don't use that service themselves.

These are also a pricey service or course with incomplete or inaccurate content. A bit like throwing more and more money at an issue hoping it would be resolved with a quick fix, instead of learning the cause.

How many times have you heard or witnessed issues of incorrect printed colours, or equipment faults to further find out that a different cheaper alternative was used? Yes over a period of time an alternative may be found and used, but these happen over time where no fault or issue is incurred. Not with items that still show issues being had. Similary forsee issues with the Ecotank printers because of mixing dye sub inks of different expiry dates affecting the colour profile.

Goals, targets, objectives people would agree in having these to progress forward. so what’s the difference in having a business plan? A business plan details all these targets and objectives precisely, giving a business a laid out course and direction to meet the goal in mind. Also conditioning the mind and behavior with a 'business' and professional attitude to achieve and succeed.