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16 Jul Credit and Financing - Your new venture.
Paul 0 3
Credit and Financing - Your new venture. There are many topics and help with starting up covering most aspects, but I think not so much on the finance side of things. Firstly I, myself started full time in the UK as a Sublimation Printer in the mid 90’s and at that time wasn’t able to get finance after my separation and subsequent divorce, but did ..
29 Jun Time has come to formally quit the full time job
Paul 0 103
Time has come to formally quit the full time job You are already aware of the amount of time your new venture is taking, what with the full time job and family. You have managed to make a great start with money coming in from family and friends along with some local support, but what is going to happen now?You started this for the family and a bett..
18 Nov Are you a Printer?
Paul 0 161
Before anyone gets upset, yes I'm blunt. Just a general observation looking at the amount and type of work and questions noted in various groups.Do you call yourself a Printer?Someone who is able and capable of printing graphics, artwork onto....So do forgers and deceivers, thieves of artwork. There comes with being a Printer a set of morals and et..
03 Aug Background Checks and Due Diligence
Paul 0 275
With almost everyone buying and selling on the internet, it becomes even more important to know who you are dealing with and many people do this simply by reading reviews on a particular company or product etc. There are other means also available that are very easy and quick in identifying the information you need. Google is always going to be ..
11 Feb Opencart - 1) How to add to scrolling front page banner
11 Feb Coreldraw - 1) How to TRACE
12 Jan Dye-Sublimation is King
Paul 0 503
So lets start with the obvious. Dye Sublimation is the only printing process that is capable of producing the highest quality and most durable print, with relative ease and in far less time. This fact means that Sublimation can find its place in all markets with all products, where all other options are far so time consuming, and can only be achiev..
17 Dec The Cost of Artwork.
Paul 0 456
The great question, “How do I charge for my artwork time”?This comes from the screen printers and charging their customers for the making of the screens and the time it takes, which also includes creating the artwork as well.Since Dye Sublimation doesn’t require the use of such screens there is, of course no cost involved. However there is just as ..
01 Dec Opencart - 6) How to give a product variable options
01 Dec Opencart - 5) How to create product options
01 Dec Opencart - 4) How to Process orders and send customer updates
01 Dec Opencart - 2) How to Add items to your Featured List
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